The Philippine Center for Postharvest Development and Mechanization implements programs and projects under the Research and Development (R & D) and the Extension Support , Education and Training Services (ESETS) clusters headed each by a cluster director. Both cluster directors see to it that programs and projects are aligned to the priority programs of the Department of Agriculture and the priority agenda of PHilMech.

The RD&E agenda of PHilMech include:

  • efficient drying and dehydration for increased farm productivity,
  • appropriate handling, storage and processing techniques for increased economic value,
  • mycotoxin, pests and disease prevention and control toward food preservation and safety,
  • agricultural wastes and by-product utilization for added value and environmental protection ,
  • appropriate mechanization technologies for increased resource use efficiency and productivity, and
  • empowered stakeholders towards profitable entrepreneurship.

The center also provides postharvest and mechanization services to the various stakeholders in the country through its various programs, to wit:

  • Postharvest facility support to the National Organic Agriculture Program
  • National Cold Chain Program
  • Establishment of Agricultural Tramlines
  • Grain Drying Services Through the PHilMech Drying Center