Jallorina forefronts PHilMech
(by by Modesto L. Jose  1/3/2018)

Dr. Baldwin G. Jallorina, a licensed agricultural engineer and DOST Academic Excellence awardee, is now PHilMech’s Director IV.

Last November 27, 2017, he received his appointment and pledged to continue making PHilMech the top institution for farm mechanization in the Philippines.

His R&D agenda include intensifying PHilMech’s efforts in producing more technologies for resource-poor farmers and in reinforcing farm mechanization implementation throughout the Philippines.

He emphasized that farm mechanization should be pursued aggressively in the Philippines and PhilMech should take the lead in generating agriculture mechanization technologies in favor of small farmers.

Jallorina started as a research analyst in 1994 until he rose from the rank as a supervising science research specialist of the Bioprocess Engineering Division.

Prior to working with PHilMech, he has worked with institutions, such as PhilRice and National Food Authority.

Jallorina received his Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering from Nueva Vizcaya Institute of Science and Technology in 1988.

In 1999, he finished his Master of Science in Agricultural Engineering from Central Luzon State University and his Master of Engineering in Agri-Chain Management from Larenstein University in The Netherlands in 2014.

Jallorina completed his Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Engineering at CLSU and was recognized as one of the outstanding scholar-graduates in 2017.

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